Política de privacitat

Information to the professional

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27 regarding the protection of
natural persons in relation to the treatment of their personal data (hereinafter the "Regulation"), and the
Organic Law 3/2018 , of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD-
GDD), we inform you that:

• The person in charge of the treatment of his data is the Hospital Clínico de Barcelona (hereinafter
"HCB"), with CIF Q0802070C, and domiciled in Barcelona, ​​calle Villarroel 170. You can contact the Data
Protection Officer through protecciodades @ clinic .cat or by going to the Directorate for Persons, located
at C / Villarroel 170, third floor, of Barcelona

• The communication of your data linked to the signing of the employment contract becomes a necessary
contractual requirement with the aim and purpose of carrying out the usual processes of the management
of the human resources of the Entity, as well as guaranteeing the security and the health of the workers. In
particular, the processing of your data for the maintenance, development, application and control of the
legal-labor relationship will be carried out with the Person in charge of the Treatment, including the payroll,
and, if necessary, the processing of affiliation data to unions with fines for the deduction of union dues and
disability data, to calculate deductions and payments on account of income tax of natural persons, as well
as for personnel management purposes, hourly control, professional promotion system, plan of Mobility,
accounting and controls and follow-up of these on their occupational safety and health established legally
in the terms that the Person in charge of the Treatment becomes obligated subject. It was also allocated,
depending on each case, for the management of voluntary or linked training to its tasks.

• This information will be used by the administrative and labor services, and by the public administrations
that may legally require (Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Department of Labor of the Generalitat of
Catalonia, Department of Health and Social Security of the Government of Catalonia, etc. ) and other
entities involved in the subject, such as the bank entity where you indicate that we are transferring the

payroll or those entities that offer resources that you need for the development of your work tasks such as
access to the Library Virtual of the Public Health System of Catalonia of the Department of Health or the
scientific resources of the University of Barcelona
• The data provided will be preserved as long as the employment relationship that links both parties is
maintained as well as once the relationship has been completed, during the period necessary to comply
with the legal provisions.
• The data that has been provided in any case will be transferred to a third country or international

• You have the right to access your data, only to rectify the inaccurate data or, as the case may be, only to
request the deletion of the data you have provided in no case will be transferred to a third country or
international organization. . Just as limiting your treatment, opposing and withdrawing consent for its use
for specific purposes. These rights can be exercised by going to protecciodades@clinic.cat or the Persons
Administration, located at C / Villarroel 170, third floor, of Barcelona. We also inform you of your right to file
a claim with the Catalan Data Protection Authority against any HCB action that you believe violates your

• Likewise, we inform you that your photograph and your contact information (name, surname, position,
work telephone number and email address) may be included in internal or external directories, reports, or
entity, each one of its competencies, and may be sent In whole or in part, the official estates that, for legal
reasons, may require such communication, publish on the web or intranet as a form of contact, as a
worker of the HCB